Moonis Elahi, Imran Khan, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, Chaudhry Shujaat and many other prominent opposition leaders of the state have raised their voices over the way PMLN is handling the current situation. They all are of view that democratically it is the fundamental right of the citizens to protest against the incumbent government if their demands are not met. The government must accept their mistakes willingly and ensure public demands are met. They are elected to serve the people and not to consider them as their enemies.

Moonis Elahi a parliamentarian and a member of the opposition has condemned the use of force to shut down the cities as if they were being attacked by the enemy state. It was a practice witnessed in the past by the kings who would use force against the very people they ruled and it clearly seems that Nawaz Sharif thinks of himself as a king. Opposition parties hold rallies and marches when the ruling party does not pay heed to their issues inside the parliament. The rally is not meant to topple but is a wake-up call by the nation to come to the right path.

Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over the lives lost by the Gullu Butts of PMLN blocking the roads and not letting even the ambulances pass. Even if the way is blocked for protesters, ambulances aren’t run by protesters they are a medium of transport for the ill who need medical assistance. The prime minister must order the local police to make way for the ambulances and ensure common man’s life isn’t disrupted by the clash of political parties.