Pakistan, a country abundantly bestowed with every natural resource that a country can dream of does not deserve to be a third world country. Since its creation in 1947, it has been the center of an international political agenda meant to keep it deprived of its own resources as much as possible. Foreign influence and interference have been the reasons behind unstable democratic governments and dictatorships. While there have been different governments which have run it in the past, only one of them can be rightly given credit for taking it towards a better future and that without a doubt is PMLQ.

Since the year 2002 when President Musharraf ousted the corrupt government of Nawaz Sharif, a new political party that could never have had the chance to highlight itself came in the limelight and emerged as the ruling party PMLQ. The son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi a dignified personality of Punjab, Moonis Elahi emerged as a person the youth of the nation could follow. Moonis Elahi’s vision from the outset of his political career was prominently appreciated even by his opponents of his outstanding leadership abilities during the PMLQ’s government.


It was a new era for the country and its people because a corrupt government was ousted and the nation was freed from a man who was deeply involved in embezzlement of the national funds. As the chain of money laundering was broken, the country came on the road to a better future. This was the first time Pakistani people were introduced to what a free nation really feels like. Moonis Elahi worked really hard  to initiate development projects in all government sectors with his aptitude to think outside the box. Eventually when PMLQ is no longer in power, Moonis Elahi is the only politician who has advocated for the construction of Kalabagh Dam, one of the most vital hydroelectricity projects that can greatly eliminate the problems of electricity shortfall as well as water storage in the country.

Pakistan is known as an agricultural country due to its fertile soil which has the ability to plant and grow almost every crop on this planet. Under the visionary guidance of Moonis Elahi the agriculture department made tremendous progress in the PMLQ era. Moonis Elahi  during that period played an instrumental role in creating new job opportunities for the educated and unemployed youth. This was an ice breaking moment for the nation as literate people actually got the jobs they were deprived of in the past due to favoritism and corrupt hiring processes. Hiring people on merit single handedly changed the mindset of the nation and people were inclined to educate their children. The great contribution of Moonis Elahi and PMLQ to this country cannot be forgotten because it was from 2002 to 2007 that people really felt they were on the road to success and prosperity.