When we talk about Bollywood stars and veterans, Om Puri needs no introduction. The Actor is famous for his versatile acting in the Indian media. He has been awarded many times in his country and even abroad for his services in the entertainment industry.

As India and Pakistan’s relations tightened over the atrocities carried out by Indian government on unarmed Kashmiri civilians, India banned Pakistani actors to work in their industry. While there were mixed views about the decision, Om Puri stood up against the decision saying that it was not the right thing to do but was punished for releasing the statement.

Moonis Elahi has praised the actor for his bold stance and for speaking sense when all others have been blinded by the hate spread through Indian news channels. Pakistan has many great actors who have proved their worth both at home and abroad. Restricting good actors simply for the sake of jealousy and hatred will do more harm to their industry than good.