Unprovoked Indian firing in Harpal and Chuprar sectors along the Working Boundary (WB) late on Tuesday night has injured 5 Pakistani civilians. Moonis Elahi denounced the cowardly act by India saying This is not the first time Indian security forces have violated ceasefire. In less than a week unprovoked Indian firing as many as four civilians have been killed while 21 have been injured.

Moonis Elahi hailed the befitting response by Pakistani Rangers. It is our right to respond to atrocities by the enemy. While Pakistan strives to be a responsible neighbor, India ‘s enmity keeps tensions growing between the two countries. Without complete ceasefire at the LOC there is no way we can be assured that both countries have learnt to respect each other’s existence. For a stable and prosperous future of the subcontinent it is important that India respects Pakistan and learns to co-exist.