Amid tensions growing over Nawaz Sharif’s family owned offshore companies, PMLN‘s political workers and should choose a new leader. Moonis Elahi terms it PMLN‘s foolishness to defend their leader when his family members have been named in the Panama Papers. It is evident that the offshore companies were formed through embezzled money flown from Pakistan using illegal channels to buy property and provide a luxurious lifestyle to the premier’s children in London.

Money looted from Pakistan should be brought back in the country and used where it was intended. Pakistan already suffers great debt from worldwide loan issuers. If the looted amount is returned to the country Pakistan would be in a position to return the loan and would be on the road to prosperity. Moonis Elahi iterates PMLN‘s political workers should press their leader to surrender his ill gotten wealth to the nation for its betterment and progress. Their stubbornness and constant support to a corrupt leader is caused tremendous harm to the nation.