Amid heavy criticism PMLN still took the step to build Islamabad Metro Bus. It was always said that such a mega project should be constructed in a heavily populated city such as Lahore or Karachi. Pakistan’s metropolis Karachi faces a huge transportation crisis and knowing the facts, PMLN’s government still took the step to please some influential people and for personal gains. In the process of building the Islamabad Metro many buildings were razed and people were denied of their ancestral buildings.

When the plan had been unveiled as a blessing for the nation, Moonis Elahi had predicted the project would prove to be a huge loss. Time has proven it’s accuracy and now it is reported that the white elephant has produced a record 2.4 billion loss. It is a huge blow to the already Pakistan’s crumbling economy. Feeding the project with loans taken from IMF and World Bank against other projects which would have really benefited the public has been blown off on a failed project.