Minutes of a highly classified meeting between PMLN and the establishment was leaked from the Prime Minister house. Its appearance in Dawn newspaper sparked outrage among the nation and the Govt was asked to bring forth the person who committed the crime. It is highly speculated that the minutes were given to Cyril Almeida on orders of Maryam Safdar, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter with the purpose of defaming Pakistani Army.

Moonis Elahi denied to comment on rumors but said terminating Pervaiz Rasheed is not the answer this nation seeks. He (Rasheed) was treated the same way Rana Sanaullah was treated in the Model Town case. Nawaz Sharif uses his party workers as scapegoats and to make the cases more complex. It is not impossible to expose the person who handed over the confidential documents to the journalist. Negative attitude shown by the Prime Minister house on this issue raises skepticism.