PMLN has long been accused of corruption with many cases pending in the courts. Now as opposition parties gather to hold a massive rally in Islamabad against the government’s ill practices and avoiding accountability, PMLN has resort to low tactics. Moonis Elahi is a leader of PMLQ and as his party is an opposition party in the parliament. It has started to suffer in the wake of Nov 2 call.

PMLQ candidate Shujat Nawaz from Gujrat PP 108 has been picked up by Punjab police and PMLQ Senator Kamil Ali Agha’s house has been raided by the police. PMLQ MPA Vaqas Mokal from Kasur has also been detained and is being taken to Sahiwal jail. He is being punished for standing up to PMLN as Nawaz Sharif wishes to rule this country like a king despite claiming to call his party a democratic party.