Since his appointment as Railway Minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique had vowed to make it one of the most profitable state owned business. Whenever asked about the progress of railways the minister would boast about how great his policies were and recently he had diverted his attention towards saving his PM on the media. Moonis Elahi and other politicians who we know are educated and have served in the government all expressed concerns about how the railways was still incurring losses and that the minister must perform his duties rather than be a spokesperson for the Nawaz Shrif Panama Gate scandal. It was high time the minister had gone back to his department and thought about actually bringing profits rather than making false statements.

The delusional bubble burst when the financial reports for fiscal year 2015 – 16 came to light. the report highlighted that only 40% of the trains were running on break even and the rest were a burden on the nation due to failed policies of the minister. A close aide to Moonis Elahi revealed that the young politician was already expecting the results that came forth through the report. The total losses recorded are Rs. 1.75 billion which is a huge setback to the economy which is already in shambles. While the N League leaders beg around the world for aid to support the economy, its ministers blow it away on fake publicity and nonproductive policies.

Moonis Elahi is further known to have said that it was nothing new to expect from the PMLN led government. Every time Nawaz Sharif and his loyalists have come into power, the nation has suffered. There is not a single department that shows signs of growth and if you pick up the reports of every project initiated or run by PMLN, the results is the same as always, only losses will be the figure at the end. When ministries are awarded on favoritism rather than merit the result will only be disastrous. To run an organization the head must be a sensible person who is loyal to the organization rather than being loyal to only the person who gifted him a position beyond his caliber.

The PTI chairman Imran Khan has always pointed out the fact that Nawaz led government is only run by fools who know how to please the PM rather than handle the departments they have been awarded. Pakistan is seemingly hijacked by the poor mentality of the people who are uneducated and think that a businessman like Nawaz Sharif can save the country. It is high time to give the educated politicians such as Moonis Elahi, Fatima Bhutto, Asad Umar and many other notable personalities capable to lead the country a chance to redefine history and make Pakistan great again.