Pak Turk schools are one of the finest schools in Punjab and parents of the children studying there have expressed satisfaction over the way they are run. In a recent incident the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that the NGO under which the schools are being operated have found to be linked with US based cleric Fethullah Gulen the very person who tried to impose a military coup in Turkey. Following the claim the Turkish president asked Nawaz Sharif to remove the entire Turkish staff and management from these schools. Following orders like an obedient servant the premier made haste and cancelled the visas of staff working there. Moonis Elahi expressed his view that in such matters a proper road map must be created before taking any steps that would affect the citizens.

Nawaz Sharif is known to be a personal friend with Erdogan rather than just having political friendship. the abrupt decision has shocked the nation and parents have become concerned about the quality of education in the country. A parent of children studying in a Pak Turk school campus Mr. Akbar said “the children have become mentally stressed at such a tender age following the news. Children get attached to their teachers and the news of them being kicked out of the country has made them sad. The PM should have handled the matter in a more sophisticated manner”. Moonis Elahi has always said that the PMLN government does not care about the citizens but always works for its personal benefits and this is a very clear example. Only 2 days remain for the teachers to leave Pakistan or else they would be arrested.