Pakistan’s army is recognized for its bravery and quick response at the time of distress and presently the Pakistan NAVY also displayed its exceptional skills by thwarting Indian NAVY submarine’s attempt to cross the boundary. Moonis Elahi praised the NAVY for its exceptional display of quick response when the enemy though it was cunning enough to carry out its mission without anyone knowing it. The befitting response has clearly shown what Pakistan’s protectors are capable of be it a matter of protecting the country’s land, air space or seas. The nation has once again felt proud of its army and we know that whenever the enemy comes marching again it will be sent back in coffins.

It was a moment of joy and seemingly the victories of previous wars had become fresh. The nation rejoiced over the news and the Moonis Elahi official social media accounts were also the center of attention as people expressed their views and solidarity with the Pakistan NAVY. Such incidents prove that the Two Nation Theory was never wrong and people from both sides of the border still want to prove their nation is better than the other’s. While Pakistan has always extended a hand of friendship towards India, but the latter has always come forth with bared teeth. It is evident that the neighbor has been sent a clear message that if it tries to mess with our security it will be pushed and it will be pushed hard.