The President of Pakistan Mr. Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday while speaking at the parents’ day function at the Cadet College Hassanabdal said he never attended school. “I have missed out the joys of school” said Mr. Hussain which stirred unrest among the students. As a leader of the state and attending a School function of great importance, it was unnecessary for the President to point out his uneducated childhood said Moonis Elahi. PMLN’s policy to appoint people on key posts has no merit based on education or having a relevant background. The only merit is how much a person shows loyalty towards the Sharif family that earns them a top position in the country.

Students were shocked to hear that the President is an uneducated man who has never attended school. When they asked about his education, the alumni relations officer at the cadet college Syed Mohammad Ali brought the situation under control by saying the President was homeschooled due to personal reasons. The student’s weren’t satisfied but it was effective enough to hush the buzz. In his speech the President urged students to follow Quaid – e – Azam’s footsteps for a brighter future and a prosperous Pakistan. In order to meet the challenges of the future, it was important to hand over the country to an educated and well groomed generation, he further added.

Mamnoon Hussain

Mamnoon Hussain inspects guard of honor by the students – Source Dawn News

While the rest of his speech was about the importance of education and why the youth should pursue higher education and serve the nation zealously, the people at the gathering were puzzled as to how can an uneducated person lead a nation. PMLN on the whole does not have an action plan for anything, said Moonis Elahi. All of them are seen making blunders which then bring shame to the nation and also distracts the young one’s minds. Being in office demands sagacity and quick wittedness rather than be the subject of slip of tongue or be driven away by emotions.

The students at the college honored the President with the guard of honor. He also visited the exhibition in the school and appreciated the models prepared by various hobby clubs. He also reviewed the PT show, gymnastics show and the riding display. He awarded the Champions Trophy to the Jinnah Wing for their best performance in academic and extracurricular activities. The college principal, retired Maj Gen Najeeb Tariq further announced the names of participants in other activities and also mentioned the results of cadets. It was fun day at the college and the students were jubilant over the ceremony. Special security arrangements were made for the occasion.