In Pakistan’s news, there are no limits to absurdity and hilarious situations. In a recent move to keep their ATR’s in air after the recent Dec 7 crash of a PK661 flight en-route from Chitral to Islamabad, PIA staff have sacrificed a ‘Black Goat’ as ‘sadqa’ to seek divine intervention and keep their planes from falling through the skies. Moonis Elahi lamented the sacrifice saying “PIA should focus on investing in their Planes and follow maintenance SOP’s. Sacrifices are a mockery of their current working procedures and show how badly they are handling the situation”. The recent crash which involved the death of a famous Pakistani icon Junaid Jamshed has landed PIA in hot waters.

Staff of the Pakistan International Airlines sacrificed the Sadqa goat and then gave their ATR-42 clearance for take-off to it flight to Multan from Islamabad. According to a PIA spokesperson all ATR planes serving under the flag of the national airline have been grounded until they clear the shakedown tests. People are advised to call PIA’s helpline to confirm their flights before departing for airports because due to grounding of ATR’s, most flights within the country have been cancelled or delayed. Moonis Elahi pointed out during the PMLQ era PIA announced a record profit of Rs. 2 Billion. After that it has continued its legacy of being a huge burden on the tax payer’s money.