The Punjab Food Authority on Tuesday informed the Supreme Court that it had collected samples of 30 dairy products and also 313 drinking water samples and have sent them to the laboratory for testing. Moonis Elahi, a young parliamentarian of the Punjab Assembly, hailed the move by the Punjab Food Authority. The use of substandard raw materials is on a high rise because it is much profitable than using quality materials which are of course expensive and reduce profit margins. But due to the use of toxic materials in the manufacturing, many diseases have been reported among the public and health has become a sensitive issue.

The report stated Dalda Dairies was sealed for using low quality materials in its substandard tea whitener ‘Cup Shup’. Many other prominent dairies were either sealed or fined for not meeting the health and cleanliness standards. While every company found to be using toxic materials in production have been sealed until further notice. Moonis Elahi has always been outspoken on public health issues and also on the issues related to ecological system. Running a business is not bad but when you start playing with the public’s health, it is not only illegal but unethical too. Sadly the business owners only consider their profits and do not care about the adverse effects their products have on their consumers.

A report of the PCSIR, previously filed with the court, stated that except Haleeb Milk, all samples taken from UHT (ultra-high-temperature) standardized milk manufacturers were found fit for human consumption. While the report on pasteurized milk said all samples, except Prema milk, were found to be unfit for human consumption. Moonis Elahi said that due to the increasing use of substandard products the number of Cancer, Hepatitis – C and patients with many other ailments has increased in the country. It is high time that strict action be taken on the use of toxic materials and companies found using them should have their licenses cancelled.